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FLAMIC company has been founded in 2004 in the industrial triangle area formed by Thiene, Marano and Schio, otherwise known as the “Altovicentino”, an area known for being the cradle of many specialized in production of machinery and ovens for the “white art” (bakery and pastry equipment).Given the high concentration of these firms on the territory it can be said that Altovicentino is an industrial district for bakery products machines. The company FLAMIC is located and developed in a very favorable geographical context featuring an “industrial atmosphere” rich of professionalism, technical skill and technology. In this background where an efficient network of sub-suppliers works in support of the firms it is possible to have new ideas and carry out advanced technological research.

FLAMIC proposed itself as a young and dynamic company which is specialized in the production of dough sheeters for bakeries and pastries with conveyor belts width ranges of 450 mm manual (mod. SF450), 500 mm manual (mod. SF500 and mod. SF500B), 600 mm manual (mod. SF600 and SF600V) and 700 mm automatic (FAST700 and FAST700P).

Specialization combined with company flexibility, futuristic design and selected suppliers are Flamic's points of strength. The overall costs are cut down for an unbeatable ration price/cost.

The sheeter with 450 mm conveyor belts (SF450B) is available in the bench version with belt length of 500 mm.

The sheeters with 500mm conveyor belts length are available in m two versions: SF500 (a-frame) and SF500B (for bench) offering different conveyor belts lengths: 850, 100 and 1200 mm. The reversal rolling conveyor belts are by joystick in SF500B and by joystick and pedal in SF500.

The sheeter with conveyor belts width 600 mm (SF600) is available with different conveyor belts length: 850, 1000, 1200 or 1400. The SF600 version is equipped with extractible layers. Reversal rolling is by handle and pedal.

The automatic sheeters FAST700 and FAST700P have width conveyor belts of 700 mm and belts length of 1500 or 2000 mm. FAST700 structure is in stainless steel and has automatic reeler standard, FAST700P has painted structure and optional dough reeler. All the operation in the automatic sheeters FAST700 and FAST700P are PLC-controlled and programming is by a 50 touch-screen programmer setting. The cylinder running up and down, belts speed and laminating reverse, flour duster and dough reeler unit work automatically so limiting any operator's intervention during the load of the dough and the discharge of finished products. The biggest advantage of FLAMIC automatic sheeters is the independence of belts: this system assure the perfect distension of the dough even in small thickness.   

The futuristic design and the high quality of the components used have concurred with FLAMIC to show itself on the Italian and international market with a product in a position to conquer and strike the attention of many buyers in short time.

FLAMIC takes part in the main domestic and international exhibitions of the “bakery, pastry and catering” and it exports its dough sheeters in 50 countries in the world.

After a long designing period the dough sheeters that FLAMIC presents on the domestic and international market are rewarding who has worked with constancy, seriousness and professionality.

FLAMIC export in more than 60 country in the world